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Yes! We have all the services to promote your products. We want to achieve higher positions at Google rankings for your brand and we are going to utilize  all our skills. Start with market research.

market research

Market Research


Market Research gives companies insight into how their market react. Web Analytics has completely changed marketing research and insights. By harnessing  Google data , we are able to learn about what are your audience needs.

You name your products and services.  We plan, we collect the data and we analyse them.

We can conclude if there is a need for a product in the market and if your products meet specific market needs. Finally  we can search if your products or services are competitive to new markets and if your prices are competitive.

Your company should undertake a new market research study, when a new event takes place that affects your products, services or market.  

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Search Optimisation


We are gaining higher positions at the search engine results for your brand, with tactics that outlast trends. At he same time we help your potential customers find exactly what they need.

Think that everyone wants to be on the first page of Google, but not every brand deserves to be there.

We follow Google guidelines and we add value to your content in order to earn the right to be on Google's first page.

The three steps to success are :

1. Keyword research and analysis

2. Onsite Optimisation

3. Offsite SEO - Link Building Campaign

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search engine optimisation
Digital Branding

Digital Branding


Branding is the process involved in creating a brand name or image for a product in the mind of your potential customers. The main objective of Branding is to establish a significant presence in the market that create loyal customers.

This is what we are doing. In the digital environment.

We develop a new brand and we use tools like Google Adwords, Social Media and SEO to create a holistic branding approach.

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Reputation Management
Irini Sarantis


"As one of the leading companies in the yachting industry it is critical that IYC ranks highly in Google for all relevant search terms. Having changed our website in 2015 we were faced with the challenge of regaining our SEO ranking, which had deteriorated during the transition. On what was considered a very difficult task, Resocial has achieved outstanding SEO results for IYC over the period of just one year. The team, led by Christos, is diligent, organized, hard working and always up to date with the latest SEO trends. We have an excellent working relationship and Resocial is a true partner for IYC.

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